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Durable Laminate Flooring

Durable laminate floors offer natural-looking material, that can hold up to the most active spaces, yet won't break the bank.

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What is Durable Laminate Flooring?


No matter the day, you've got kids running in and out, dogs constantly shuffling underfoot, and a long list of to-dos that's vying for your attention. The last thing you want to worry about is your flooring. But here you are, shopping for the most durable laminate flooring for your long-awaited remodel. You want to find the best now so you can forget about it after installation and just enjoy life. That may feel unrealistic, but we're here to tell you it's entirely possible!


Laminate flooring offers natural-looking material that can hold up to the most active spaces and won't break the bank. While it may look like a simple flooring surface, it's actually a collection of several highly engineered layers. A laminate plank begins with a thick base layer constructed of plywood or fiberboard, followed by an image layer, which is essentially a photo of the hardwood species or stone you’ve picked out to match your design theme. A clear melamine wear layer tops it all, sealing and protecting the entire plank. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Durable Laminate Flooring


A floor that looks like genuine hardwood and natural stone but with scratch-resistance sounds too good to be true, so what’s the catch? Even the most durable laminate flooring has pros and cons, so let's narrow them down. 


The top advantages you'll find with laminate flooring: 


But you'll also want to consider that: 




Today's technology gives you the opportunity to find durable laminate flooring in a range of natural looks, including realistic visual replicas of hardwood, stone, and tile. Add a cool, muted whitewashed oak laminate to open up your space or perhaps a dramatically deep-hued maple laminate for your office remodel. Whatever your ultimate design vision, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect complement in a resilient, strong laminate flooring. 




Are you the type of person who's always hosting get-togethers and cooking big spreads for your family and friends? Are you constantly taking in stray animals and helping them find cozy, new homes? Whether it's you alone in your home or you have a bustling array of others with you, laminate flooring can withstand all lifestyles. Its composition was made for it, from the super dense and compressed base layer to the protective wear layer. Together they form a rigid surface that's built to last, though keep in mind that doesn’t mean that laminate can resist standing water. 


Maintaining Strong Laminate Flooring


To keep your laminate floors looking fresh, you'll want to make sure a quick cleaning is on your schedule. Thankfully maintenance is pretty simple for strong laminate flooring —just sweep up the dirt, pet hair, and debris that's collected each week. If there's an unexpected spill at lunchtime or your kitten misses the litter box, clean the area as soon as you can by following the manufacturer's instructions. 


Lifespan and Installation


If you're on the hunt for the most durable laminate flooring, it's likely longevity is also high on your priority list. Though we'd love to be able to say that a new laminate floor will last you a specific number of years, it's just not possible to accurately predict its lifespan. What we do know is that you'll get many years from durable laminate, especially with the following factors on your side:


It's so important, we'll say it again: we recommend maximizing your floor's future with a professional installation. An experienced pro won't take risks that void your warranty protection, plus you'll end up with gorgeous and strong laminate flooring without any unnecessary headaches


FAQs about Durable Laminate Flooring